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Back of the book:  Birthdays are special and everyone should have their birthday celebrated.  From ideas for gifts to special activities – For all ages – This book outlines 40 ways to make someone feel special for their birthday.

About this book: My mother was big on celebrating birthdays and so I grew up with the belief that all birthdays are special and should be celebrated.  Through the years, I have enjoyed coming up with new and unique ways to make someone feel special for their birthday.  This book is in honor my mother and allows me to share birthday celebration ideas so that anyone can make birthdays special.  My son helped design the cover.

Where can I get this book:  This book is available at in paperback and Kindle eBook forms (click on the link below):

40 Birthday Celebration Ideas



2 thoughts on “40 Birthday Celebration Ideas

  1. What a great idea for a book!! I was looking at it on Amazon and I can read it for free because I have Amazon Prime.

    Would you like to be highlighted on the blog? It would be my pleasure! We could even do a face-off, if you wanted (:

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Charity!

      I would love for my book to be highlighted on your blog and I would also love to do a face-off! Your face-off blogs are so funny – I’m smiling just thinking about the recent ones I’ve read!

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