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This week’s book giveaway will run for three weeks and is for the Chicago World’s Fair Mystery series by Shelley Gray.

What are these books about?

Secrets of Sloane House

Sloane House is among the most gilded mansions of Gilded Age Chicago. Rosalind Perry, the new housemaid, pours the morning coffee before the hard gaze of her mistress. “It’s simple, Rosalind,” she says. “I am Veronica Sloane, heiress to one of the country’s greatest fortunes. You are simply one in a long line of unsuitable maids.”

Back on the farm in Wisconsin, Rosalind’s plan had seemed logical: Move to Chicago. Get hired on at Sloane House. Discover what transpired while her sister worked as a maid there—and follow the clues to why she disappeared. Now, as a live-in housemaid to the Sloanes, Rosalind realizes her plan had been woefully simple-minded. She was ignorant of the hard, hidden life of a servant in a big, prominent house; of the divide between the Sloane family and the people who served them; and most of all, she had never imagined so many people could live in such proximity and keep such dark secrets.

Yet, while Sloane House is daunting, the streets of Chicago are downright dangerous. The World’s Fair has brought a new kind of crime to the city . . . and a lonely young woman is always at risk. But when Rosalind accepts the friendship of Reid Armstrong, the handsome young heir to a Chicago silver fortune, she becomes an accidental rival to Veronica Sloane.

As Rosalind continues to disguise her kinship to the missing maid—and struggles to appease her jealous mistress—she probes the dark secrets of Sloane House and comes ever closer to uncovering her sister’s mysterious fate. A fate that everyone in the house seems to know . . . but which no one dares to name.

Deception on Sable Hill

It’s mid-September 1893 and Eloisa Carstairs is the reigning debutant of Gilded Age Chicago society. To outsiders she appears to have it all. But Eloisa is living with a dark secret. Several months ago, she endured a horrible assault at the hands of Douglass Sloane, heir to one of Chicago’s wealthiest families. Fearing the loss of her reputation, Eloisa confided in only one friend. That is, until she meets Detective Sean Ryan at a high-society ball.

Sean is on the fringes of the Chicago elite. Born into a poor Irish family, becoming a policeman was his best chance to ensure security. Despite social boundaries, he is enamored with Eloisa Carstairs. Sean will do anything to keep her safe—even if he can never earn her affections.

Eloisa longs to feel normal again, but a killer is on the loose. In the last month, three debutants have been accosted by an assailant wielding a knife, and Eloisa fears for her safety at every event she attends. As the danger in the city increases, and as the romance between Eloisa and Sean blossoms, they both realize they want to be seen as more than how the world views them. But will they catch the killer before all their hopes come crashing down?

Whispers in the Reading Room

Just months after the closure of the Chicago World’s Fair, librarian Lydia Bancroft finds herself fascinated by a mysterious dark-haired and dark-eyed patron. He has never given her his name; he actually never speaks to a single person. All she knows about him is that he loves books as much as she does.

Only when he rescues her in the lobby of the Hartman Hotel does she discover that his name is Sebastian Marks. She also discovers that he lives at the top of the prestigious hotel and that most everyone in Chicago is intrigued by him.

Lydia and Sebastian form a fragile friendship, but when she discovers that Mr. Marks isn’t merely a very wealthy gentleman, but also the proprietor of an infamous saloon and gambling club, she is shocked.

Lydia insists on visiting the club one fateful night and suddenly is a suspect to a murder. She must determine who she can trust, who is innocent, and if Sebastian Marks—the man so many people fear—is actually everything her heart believes him to be.

Where can I learn more about this author and their books?

Shelley Gray, author website


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The comment requirement for this giveaway is: What is your favorite thing about fairs?

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61 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Chicago World’s Fair Mystery series by Shelley Gray

  1. I love looking at the crafts and animals. Of course the smell of food draws you in to eat something you shouldn’t.

  2. It would have to be the crafts because I like crafting as much as I like reading.

  3. I love the food, especially Elephant Ears. Used to do the rides when I was younger but not so much anymore, lol! What I love now is the handmade quilts, crafts and baked goods/canned goods contests.

    Thank you for this contest Loraine, I haven’t read this series by Shelley yet!

  4. My favorite thing about fairs is the food and the rides and the displays.

  5. I love the memories of going with my mom and younger brother. My mom saved up all summer so we could go to the fair.

  6. I’ve only been to the one in New Orleans and my favorite part was the Louisiana exhibit. It reminded me of something out of The Cajun Night Before Christmas with all the sites and sounds. I also loved all the food choices.

  7. I’ve only been to 2. One was really nice with rides and several buildings with exhibits but the other was pretty sorry. I don’t really have a favorite things about them since I haven’t been to enough but, I suppose, I could say cotton candy and huckleberry lemonade…

  8. I like looking like the crafts, all the freebies available, and spending time with family.

  9. Some lovely covers. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and married a man who grew up in Chicago. His family has all kind of tales of the fire. Some of their relatives actually had to flee the fire. I love fairs. There is so much going on and so much to see and learn. I grew up in 4-H fairs and just loved it all. The sights, sounds and feels.

      1. My husband has been working on both of our genealogies. yesterday he pulled out a lot of letters on his side. Most were in french and german. But he could read most of them. Wow oh Wow. Talk about information and history. Some of them talked about the chicago fire.

        1. How awesome that is to have those things available Lori. There are so many documents that get lost or destroyed and it can make learning about family history difficult. What a blessing it is when somethings survive through time. 🙂

          1. I agree. On his side we have so many documents and history and stories passed down. Oh my side next to nothing.

  10. Just the whole excitement of the fair in general, lots of things you don’t see or get to do on a regular basis.

      1. I like small county fairs. Interesting displays and a large variety food to try!!!

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