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This week’s book giveaway will run for three weeks and is for the FBI Task Force series by DiAnn Mills. I also have an extra copy of Deadly Encounter and Deep Extraction, so there will be a second and third winner for those books.

What are these books about?

Deadly Encounter

Airport Ranger volunteer Stacy Broussard expected a peaceful Saturday morning ride around the perimeter of Houston’s airport. What she encounters instead is a brutal homicide and a baffling mystery. Next to the body is an injured dog, the dead man’s motorcycle, and a drone armed with a laser capable of taking down a 747.

Though FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc sees a clear-cut case of terrorism, his past has taught him to be suspicious of everyone, even witnesses. Even bleeding-heart veterinarians like Stacy. But when her gruesome discovery is only the first in a string of incidences that throw her life into a tailspin, Alex begins to wonder if Stacy was targeted. As a health emergency endangers Stacy’s community, and the task force pulls in leads from all directions, Alex and Stacy must work together to prevent another deadly encounter.

Deep Extraction

A pacemaker should have saved oil and gas magnate Nathan Moore’s life. Instead, it provided his killer with a seemingly perfect means of execution.

A bombing at one of Nathan’s oil rigs days earlier indicates his death could be part of a bigger conspiracy, a web Special Agent Tori Templeton must untangle. But her first order of business is separating the personal from the professional―the victim’s wife, her best friend, is one of the FBI’s prime suspects.

Clearing Sally’s name may be the biggest challenge of her career, but Tori finds an unexpected ally in the newest member of the task force, recently reinstated Deputy US Marshal Cole Jeffers. As Tori and Cole dig deeper into Nathan’s personal and business affairs, they uncover more than they bargained for. And the closer they get to finding the real killer―and to each other―the more intent someone is on silencing them for good.

High Treason

When Saudi Prince Omar bin Talal visits Houston to seek cancer treatment for his mother, an attempt on his life puts all agencies on high alert. FBI Special Agent Kord Davidson is the lead on the prince’s protective detail because of their long-standing friendship, but he’s surprised―and none too happy―when the CIA brings one of their operatives, Monica Alden, in on the task force after the assassination attempt.

Kord and Monica must quickly put aside interagency squabbles, however, when they learn the prince has additional motives for his visit―plans to promote stronger ties with the US and encourage economic growth and westernization in his own country. Plans that could easily incite a number of suspects both in the US and in countries hostile to Saudi Arabia. Worse yet, the would-be assassin always seems to be one step ahead of them, implicating someone close to the prince―or the investigation. But who would be willing to commit high treason, and can Kord and Monica stop them in time?

Where can  learn more about this author and their books?

DiAnn Mills, author website


To enter the giveaway, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Open to readers with USA mailing addresses only. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The winner will be notified via email and will have one week to respond back to me with their info. Good Luck and Thank You for stopping by!

The comment requirement for this giveaway is: You’re favorite bookstore is under attack and you are trapped inside. How do you defend yourself?

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44 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: FBI Task Force series by DiAnn Mills

  1. I run to the DVD section and lob DVD cases at the intruder (plastic cases, no damage to the merchandise).

  2. My first thought is to throw books. But I’m hoping there’s a big package of rubber bands to wrap on the books so the pages don’t get ruined!

    1. Ooo I hadn’t thought about that Anne. 🙂 Definitely don’t want the book pages to be ruined. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I’m not sure what I would do. The only thing that I can think of is to call for help and use everything at hand to protect the books.

  4. Call for help and hope I could find someway of protecting all the books as I love reading the print books!

  5. Call 911
    Recite scripture to the intruder and pray it gets through to him. Offer him or her a free Bible (that I will pay for).
    Pray, pray, pray, and pray some more!

  6. Push over the shelves of books if I can, if not find the heaviest, thickest book in the store and with both hands whack them with it!

  7. I would hide and hit the intruder over the head with the huge Webster’s dictionary…LOL!

  8. I’d find the nearest bathroom, call 911, and hold onto some big books on my way in!

  9. Call 911
    Find the utility closet and find a spray can of something toxic. And plug in a floor buffer and keep it between me and the intruder.

  10. I don’t want to damage books so I’d find something else to throw at them! Maybe cans of cleaning supplies!

    1. I get that Joan. Although some of the larger dictionaries might be able to stand up to the stress. 😉 Thanks for commenting.

  11. Probably laugh cause seriously who is attacking a book store people who fold pages instead of using bookmarks?
    Probably stack books strategically and hide inside them

  12. I would shoot rubber bands and staples at them then bind them up in the book binder.

  13. I guess I would hide behind a shelf and tilt it to him when I feel he’s passing by the other side? I would need a lot of luck to be assertive haha! I could throw books, but that would only incite him to attack me more… 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I would whip out the sword of the Lord which is the Word of God and go to work!

  15. I could push a rolling cart or stool into the intruder to knock them over and lob a few heavy books for good measure! Then I’d call 911 from a safe hiding place.

    Thanks for the giveaway chance Loraine! I have not read this series yet

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