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Giveaway at Loraine Nunley's website: Sophie Trace Trilogy by Kathy Herman #bookgiveaway

This week’s book giveaway will run for three weeks and is for theΒ Sophie Trace Trilogy by Kathy Herman.

What are these books about?

The Real Enemy

Brill Jessup just became the first female police chief in Sophie Trace, Tennessee, and is riding on the credentials of a stellar eighteen-year career on the Memphis police force. She may be a pro at finding clues, but she tends to ignore the obvious in her personal life. Her husband, Kurt, is weighed down by her unrelenting anger as he struggles to let God redeem the stupidest mistake he ever made. Brill hides behind her badge and her bitterness, deciding that moving her family away from Memphis is the only change she needs to make.

Before she even has time to unpack her boxes, people start disappearing. Lots of them. To complicate matters, a local legend has many residents believing that the cause is unearthly–tied to the “red shadows,” or spirits of the departed Cherokee who once inhabited the land. While Brill draws on all of her experience and instinct to solve the case, she must confront an enemy that threatens everything she holds dear–one that cannot be stopped with a badge and a gun.

The Last Word

When Vanessa Jessup returns home from her sophomore year of college, her mother, Police Chief Brill Jessup, is stunned to see that she’s pregnant–by one of her professors. While Brill is glad her daughter rejected the father’s abortion ultimatum, she’s also hurt that Vanessa ignored her upbringing and angry that the professor has disappeared without so much as a nickel of child support.

But that’s not all Brill’s got on her plate. One of her detectives has been killed, and the attacker has threatened to come for her next.Β  When a second cop is wounded, public criticism mounts as Brill attempts to stay alive long enough to catch the perp. And she’s trying to find that deadbeat dad, while Vanessa struggles to make decisions about her future.

The killer seems to be everywhere and nowhere. How can a police chief–and a mother–do her job with her life on the line? In a show of grace under pressure, Brill will manage to have the last word, even if it kills her.

The Right Call

It’s summer in Sophie Trace, and Ethan Langley has returned home from college eager to grow his friendship with Vanessa Jessup and her infant son, Carter. And Vanessa’s parents, Police Chief Brill Jessup and her husband, Kurt, approve; Ethan is thoughtful, kind, hardworking, and ambitious.

But before Ethan has time to settle in, a series of random shootings shatters his world. While police are scrambling for suspects, Ethan learns shocking details that could break the case–but it imperils the lives of those he’s come to love. Going to the police with what he knows endangers Vanessa and Carter…yet not telling them is just as dangerous. He’s been dealt a risky hand in a game for which he doesn’t know the rules. Will he make the right call?

Where can I learn more about this author and their books?

Kathy Herman, Author website


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The comment requirement for this giveaway is: What is your favorite game to play?

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46 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Sophie Trace Trilogy by Kathy Herman

  1. I’ve always loved Scrabble and since I can play online I enjoy Words with Friends. It not only helps keep my brain sharp but I can play in between other activities.

    1. The last time my oldest daughter visited, she was playing a game on her phone with others. It might have been that Word with Friends. It sounds fun. Thanks for commenting Sally. πŸ™‚

  2. I am not much of a board game player but I do enjoy an occasional jigsaw puzzle. I do like playing Words with Friends on my pjhone, which is similar to Scrabble.

    1. I play WWF all the time. We should play some games together.

    1. I can remember rare times playing Monopoly when I was a kid. I didn’t play it much because it always too hours to play. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting Linda.

  3. I play online backgammon nearly everyday. It’s so much fun and I always have someone to oppose me online.

    1. We used to play Rummy all the time. I loved it. I’ll have to teach the grands how to play. We play Rummikub w/ tiles so they should be able to catch on quickly.

  4. It depends on with whom I am playing. With my teenaged grandkids I like to play Cribbage and Rummikub. The youngest grands we like to play Candy Land (ha ha you have to go back to the beginning!) With our adult friends we enjoy Euchre. One of the games our family plays and we tease that it is a test for new relationships is Taboo. One time my son brought his girlfriend (fiance even if I remember correctly) and with the teasing that always happens in our game playing, she left the table in tears…the wedding never happened! πŸ™‚ So that begin our tradition of vetting intended spouses! LOL We love to play games.

    1. I would image that you could tell a lot about a person by how they play games. Thanks for sharing that Anne. πŸ™‚

  5. There are so many box games I enjoy playing. We used to have a “game night” at our house for family, friends and neighbors. Everyone brought their favorite games or played one of the many I owned. One of my favorite is 5 Second Rule πŸ™‚

  6. Years ago I enjoyed Sequence. Sadly, I don’t have the opportunity to play games.

  7. I love to play cribbage with my husband and online Rummy and Canasta. My mom, stepdad and I used to play Rummy with my grandma when I was younger, and she was SO competitive, lol!
    My favorite game is euchre, but nobody here in Oregon where I live knows how to play. With our six year old grand-girl, it’s Candyland, Trouble, Snakes and Ladders, Go Fish, and we’re teaching her Uno. Also, when we visit my sister-in-law in Washington, we often play Skip-bo.
    I think I like card games over board games because I grew up with my family playing all kinds, so it brings back great memories!

    Thanks for featuring books by an author I’ve never heard of and the giveaway chance, Loraine.

  8. I Love playing Yatzee and monopoly Thanks for the amazing book giveaway!

  9. My favorite game to play is on my iPad. Majong matching game.

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