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Synopsis of the book:

Sarah Cooley has come home to Last Chance, New Mexico, for one reason–because it doesn’t change. After an engagement gone bad with a man who wanted to change everything about her, Sarah is more than ready for the town whose motto may as well be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Chris Reed, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to spark some change in the little town. As the new owner of the Dip ‘n’ Dine, he’s shaking things up to draw folks from all over the Southwest into his restaurant.

As it turns out, the winds of change are blowing into Last Chance–just not in the ways that Sarah or Chris might expect.

My review:

Sarah has come back to her hometown of Last Chance where things shouldn’t change. Of course there must be a hitch in that dream. Enter Chris Reed, who is new in town and wanting to make lots of changes, then get ready for sparks to fly.

I so much enjoyed Chris in this story. He was a stand-up guy who wanted to take something and make it his own. He was so adorable in his attempts to get to know Sarah, even to the point of awkwardness. But it is when Sarah takes an interest in one aspect of Chris’ life that their romance begins to simmer.

To my delight, the characters from the first book continue in this one.

What I enjoyed most about this book:

Definitely Chris and his awkward moments with the girl he likes.

What I didn’t like about this book:

Sarah’s old boyfriend. There was something about him that just didn’t fit into the story.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Would I recommend this book to others? Yes. Wholesome, upstanding guy romances the small town girl – sweet story right there. Plus the people of Last Chance were great to get to know. This is the second book in this series and it can be read as a standalone but you may be curious enough about the townsfolk to read the first book.

Where can I learn more about this author and their books?

Cathleen Armstrong, author website

-Loraine Nunley


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