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The Hesitant Heiress by Dawn Crandall | Book Review by Loraine Nunley

Synopsis from back of book:

After being unjustly expelled from the Boston Conservatory of Music, Amaryllis Brigham sees her dreams of founding a music academy in her hometown of Seattle, Washington, disappearing before her very eyes. Now, the only way to achieve her goal comes with high stakes for someone set on avoiding men as much as possible: Marry within the year to inherit the immense fortune of her estranged grandmother.

Amaryllis reluctantly moves in to her aunt’s Boston home and rubs shoulders with fashionable society. Despite her own misgivings, she soon finds herself quickly falling in love with the most unlikely of men — Nathan Everstone, the envy of every eligible female, whose father has haunted her dreams for the decade following her mother’s tragic death.

However, Nathan turns out to be much more than he seems… and everything she never knew she wanted. But can she ever really trust an Everstone man?

My review:

I enjoyed this story. There was so much emotion from a woman who spent her life trying not to show any. I loved how Nathan brought this out of Amaryllis. There was some mystery as she tries to deal with the snippets of information she receives from others around her that changes her memories and perceptions of things that occurred in her past. A good story.

Amaryllis is an admirable woman and I was glad to see her begin to heal from the tragedy of her mother’s death. I really felt the emotions that she tried to deal with as she found herself falling for Nathan.

Now Nathan… I loved his character. I knew that he was falling in love with Amaryllis even though she couldn’t see it. I really missed not being able to see things from his point of view. This book is written in first person POV which, as my readers know, I tend not to read very much and that is why. I would have loved to hear Nathan’s story as well.

That being said, this story is so well written that it was hard for me to remember that this is the author’s first book. I am looking forward to reading the other books in her series.

What I enjoyed most about this book:

I thought this was a really well written story that kept me on my “emotional” toes.

What I didn’t like about this book:

The first person POV because I wish I could have gotten to know Nathan better through his point of view.

My rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Would I recommend this book to others?  Yes because it is very well written. This is the first book in the series.

Note:  I received this book from the author.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All of the opinions I express here are my own.

Where can I learn more about this author and their books?

Dawn Crandall, author website

-Loraine Nunley



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