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Back of the book:  The C-130 Hercules aircraft is one of the most versatile and well-respected transport planes in the Western world.  While its usage has been largely military, its long-standing design has made it the perfect choice for many kinds of tasks, both in the military and civilian worlds.  While this book is intended to introduce children to this wonderful aircraft, adults may also find themselves eager to learn more about this cherished workhorse.

About this book:  When my husband and I began dating, he was a Loadmaster on the C-130.  At the time, I didn’t know anything about these planes, but through the years, I have gained a great appreciation for them.  The C-130 is held in high regard and I love the obvious affection that my husband, and others who have served on this unique aircraft, have for it.  I wanted to share this with my children as well as others.  This book is to honor the aircraft as well as all those who have served on it.