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"C" is for Conversation - ABC's of Remarriage |

“C” is for Conversation

Conversation is a key component to a good marriage. Conversation with your spouse is IMPORTANT. This is the reason that it is so heavily emphasized in marriage counseling and self-help books.  Many times, even though we know that it is important, we forget (or choose to ignore) it’s importance.  We mistake one-sided commentary as a conversation, or worse, we expect our spouse to read our mind.  Remember that only God can read your mind and even He wants you to talk to Him.  It is a disservice to our remarriages to lessen the importance of conversation between us and our spouse.

How do you improve your marriage with conversation?

It is one thing to know how important talking to our spouse is, but it can be a more difficult thing to do. What is the right conversation? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Healthy conversation involves listening, hearing and speaking with consideration.
  • The right conversation is used to build our relationship up, not to tear it down.
  • Conversation doesn’t have to be constant.  You don’t have to fill every silence.  But it does need to be there.

Talk to each other.  Laugh with each other.  Dream together.  Clear up conflicts right away.   The better your conversations, the more you build up your marriage.

– Loraine Nunley

How can you make conversation a relevant part of improving your marriage? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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