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Since we are in the Hallmark holiday movie season, I was not surprised to see that this post has received quite a few visits to it. It seems that many of us are looking for those wonderful small towns that are portrayed in the movies.

Here is the repost:

Do fictional small towns exist in real life? |

One thing I love to do at this time of year is to watch the movies that the Hallmark channel puts out for Christmas. As I was watching one recently, I was struck by one of the reasons that I find many of these movies so appealing – the small towns. Not only the Christmas movies, but other movies as well. I especially like the TV series “Cedar Cove”, which is based on the book series by Debbie Macomber. It’s about, yep, you guessed it – a small town. I also enjoy many books about small towns. (Repost note: Cedar Cove is no longer airing, but I have now started watching another small town show – Chesapeake Shores)

Do fictional small towns exist in real life?|

I live near a small town. It is not the same as those small towns in the fiction world. People are busy. Some are nice, but most are more concerned about their lives than those of their neighbors. No one gathers together at the local school to watch the annual Christmas pageant. I get more name recognition from the Starbucks which is twenty miles away than I do from the local grocery store. In many ways, the town is just a smaller version of a city. I’ve been to and lived in (or around) quite a few small towns. I cannot remember any of them that would fit the bill for being like those fictional ones.

So that got me to thinking…

Do those fictional small towns exist in real life?

Do fictional small towns exist in real life? |

Are there small towns where people know their neighbors (in a good way)? Where the people of the town share in each others sorrows and joys? Where any holiday, particularly Christmas, is a celebration for the whole town? Where life is slower, but just as productive? Where God is present on a daily basis, not just in the churches?

I want to know. Am I just dreaming here or are there actually real live small towns that would make me think that I stepped into a Hallmark movie?

Do you live or know about a small town like this? PLEASE tell us about it!

-Loraine Nunley