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“F” is for Friendship

God created humans to be relational.  When Adam was in the garden alone, God created Eve to keep him company.  They were the first friends.  Humans have developed friendships ever since.  The most important human relationship that we can have is with our spouse so it makes sense that you and your spouse should be friends.  In fact, your spouse should be your best friend.  Your best friend is the person who is with you through thick and thin, mountains and valleys, joy and suffering.  This is the person who you share most of yourself with.  The person with whom you can be at your most vulnerable.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am saying you shouldn’t have close friends outside of your spouse. You should. But your spouse should hold the highest position. That of BFF. Before you get married, that role can be filled by one (or a few) other people.  Once you have committed to your spouse, however, he or she must fill that role.  Otherwise, you are setting yourself (and your marriage) up for failure.  No other relationship can come before it, except that relationship you have with God.  If you are sharing your innermost self with someone other than your spouse, that relationship is going to come between you and your spouse.  If you and your spouse aren’t best friends, start changing that now.  I promise you that God will reward it.

-Loraine Nunley

Is your spouse your best friend? What is the best thing having a friend in your spouse? Tell us in the comments.


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