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"H" is for Honor - ABCs of Remarriage |

“H” is for Honor

Honor (verb): (1) regard or treat with great admiration and respect; (2) fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)

The Bible refers a lot to honoring: honoring God, our parents, authority, our spouse, the marriage vows, etc.  While it is clear that God considers this important, we are sometimes at a loss as to how we should be applying it to our marriages.  The Bible gives us plenty of instruction on what we should be doing in order to honor those whom God commands us to, but we often base our honoring on human standards, rather than God’s.  We base it on how we feel, rather than what we know to do.  There are going to be times when we need to love and respect when we do not feel like it.

Here are some tips on how to honor your spouse and your marriage.

  • Have your relationship priorities in the proper order: God, spouse, others
  • Be committed to your spouse and your marriage
  • Speak positively of your spouse, and your marriage, to others
  • Share yourself with your spouse – this is a partnership
  • Show your love and respect to your spouse
  • Value your spouse’s opinions
  • Respect your spouse’s personality – don’t expect them to change it
  • Show appreciation for what your spouse does in your life
  • Cultivate those things that bring you and your spouse together
  • Have a united front when dealing with others
  • Treat your spouse as they ought to be – the most beautiful or handsome person in your world!

-Loraine Nunley

How do you honor your spouse and your marriage? Tell us in the comments.


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