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Having a winning spirit in your marriage |

How important is winning?  Well, that really depends on who you talk to.  There are some who feel that winning is everything – why play the game if you cannot win?  Then there are others who feel that it isn’t about who wins or loses but how you play the game.  And still there are others who just want to play the game even if they never win.

Winning itself is not as important as what kind of attitude you have doing it.  After all, there are those who are sore winners and that kind of attitude makes it difficult to get along with others.  On the other hand, you can still be a winner even if you lose every game.  Again, it all depends on your attitude.

Does God care who wins?  That depends on your definition of winning.  If your definition of winning is spending eternity with the Almighty, then He definitely cares about who wins.  He wants everyone to win!

But back to the winning attitude – How does this apply to your marriage?  We should look at what makes a winning attitude in the first place.

  • A winner is confident because they believe that by playing well and fairly, they earn the right to win.
  • A winner is humble because there is always someone out there who is better than they are.
  • A winner is concerned with doing their personal best – not with whether everyone else is doing theirs.
  • A winner in a team environment makes the whole team look good, not just themselves.
  • A winner can lose graciously if they have played their personal best because they know they played well.

Confidence, humbleness, aiming to achieve, team player, gracious loser – these attitudes make a winner and they make a winning spirit when you apply them to your marriage.  You and your spouse are the team. Being a team player, where you build up your spouse, makes you both look good.  You should aim to achieve greatness in your marriage and be confident that with God’s assistance and your personal best, you will do just that.  If you are doing well, be humble and give God the glory for it because pride can go before the fall.  And when the falls happen, and they will, be sure that you are a gracious loser because there is nothing more important than your marriage.  When the falls happen, you need to be there for each other to pick each other up.

So do you have a winning spirit when it comes to your marriage?

-Loraine Nunley


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