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The holidays are upon us.  Wow.  It seems like the summer just ended and now here we are, anticipating a brand new year.

I am really enjoying getting to know all of you and sharing my love of books as well as my great pride for our military.

I am going to be taking a break from my blogging for the holidays but, have no fear, I shall return in 2016 with more book giveaways and interesting thoughts/tidbits.  I am also considering some changes to the blog so surprises may be in store!

I will still be hanging around social media so you can catch up with me there if you want to say “Hi” or share how your holidays are going…

Merry Christmas 2015 -

1 thought on “Holiday Break

  1. Have a great Christmas, Loraine. I’ll see you on some of our favorite media hot spots. 🙂

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