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Note: This is a repost of a 2015 post.

How to win a book giveaway

Over the last few years, I have won many book giveaways. I probably average about one book a month, plus I have won giveaways that have included Amazon gift cards, B&N gift cards, bookmarks, DVD’s and even a fancy roll of duct tape! Now, I don’t say that to brag because I realize that I have just been blessed in these wins, but at this point it is safe to say that I have had some success in winning book giveaways.

Book giveaways are typically done for promotional purposes for authors. Some of them come directly from the authors and their publishers, and some of them are done by bloggers and readers (like me).

Now I need to share these blessings and here are some ways that I can do that:

  • Reading the books and enjoying them. It may take me awhile, but I am making it through the list.
  • Writing reviews and posting them on places like Amazon, Goodreads, and my website.
  • Sharing information about the authors and their other books, usually through social media sites like Pinterest.
  • Passing those books I’ve read (in gently loved condition) on to others through hosting my own giveaways.
  • Encouraging others to enter book giveaways.

It is this last way that I am sharing in this blog post today.

Here are my tips to winning book giveaways:

1. You have to enter to win.

Sure, I know you laughed as read that, but how many times have you passed on entering a giveaway? It might be obvious, but it’s true. You won’t win if you don’t enter.

2. Follow the rules and instructions when entering.

Make sure that you read any rules or instructions for entering and follow them. Many giveaway entries can and will be verified. You may not believe this, but there are people out there who lie about their entries. Sad, but true.

3. Most of the time you only have to do ONE thing to win.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of entries available on giveaway apps such as Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools. The more options available on these tools, the more entries you can put in thus increasing your chances to win. Having said that, it only takes ONE entry to win. I have won giveaways doing just one thing and I have won giveaways where I did multiple entries. For me, the amount of entries I do really depends on how badly I want to win that particular book. Having hosted my own giveaways, I can tell you that these tools make it easier for the blogger to fairly pick winners. The easier it is to do the giveaways, the more giveaways they will do and we all want that, don’t we?

4. Comment properly.

If the entry for a giveaway is leaving a comment on the blog, here are a few tips for that:

  • Make sure that you leave a comment relative to the rules given. Some bloggers will want a question answered or a comment about what you read in the blog post.
  • If there are no specific requests for the comment, try not to comment just “I want to win this one.” I know, I know, I have been totally guilty of that in the past and I have been trying to change it. I’ll explain why in a moment.
  • Always, always thank the blogger and/or author for giving you the opportunity to win that book. Books are not free. Someone paid the cost for that book and is choosing to bless another with it.

One of the main reasons for a blogger to have people comment on their blog for a giveaway (other than to build traffic to their blog), is to interact with the readers and other bloggers. If you just say “please enter me” then you rob yourself and the blogger of the opportunity to interact. A free book is great, but building friendships with others who share your reading interests is even better. By the way, what you comment really matters to the bloggers and authors. They care about their readers. As both a blogger and a reader, I have been blessed, and had the opportunity to bless others, through genuine commenting.

5. Remember what Book Giveaways are all about.

Book giveaways are a win-win situation. Winners get FREE books. Readers get to learn about authors and their books. Authors/bloggers get to know their readers and have their books promoted.

Make it a point to share the giveaways you find with others. Particularly on social media. I always make it a point to share giveaways on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts because that is where I am most active.

That’s it. Some giveaways take more effort than others, but it is worth it. Probably the easiest giveaways to enter are the Goodreads giveaways, which I enter frequently (two clicks and I’m done). I have not had the pleasure of winning any Goodreads giveaways yet. The odds are stacked against me given the number of people that enter. So I am here to tell you that if you want a good chance of winning a book giveaway, put some effort into the giveaways hosted by bloggers and authors directly.

One last note…  When you win, try to post at least one review somewhere – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc.  If you can, copy that review and post it on multiple sites.  The reviews are really helpful for (and appreciated by) the authors.

What about you? Any book giveaway win tips or success stories that you would like to share? Comment below to let us know about it!

-Loraine Nunley

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