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I never intended to write a children’s book series on military aircraft.  It just evolved from my love for my husband and sharing what he loved with our children.

When my husband and I got together, he was a Loadmaster serving on a C-130 for the Air National Guard.  His love for the plane was obvious.  He was quite proud to serve and I was quite proud right along with him.  He spoke often of the aircraft and its capabilities.  Now, I didn’t know too much about aircraft at that time, except what I knew from having flown in commercial airlines, but I have to say that I was curious about the things he told me about this plane.

The first time that my husband took me into the C-130 that he served on, I was awed by the size of the thing.  As he had hoped, I was dutifully impressed.  From a layperson’s standpoint, you know.

On occasion, our children would go with him when he was working, particularly when he worked the air shows.  They were quite proud of him and excited to tell me about all that they saw.  When out second to youngest child was only a toddler, we went to the last air show that he would work before he retired.  Watching him in his flight suit (I love that man in uniform!), walking visitors through the C-130 and patiently explaining it’s role in military history, I was so proud of him and my respect for the plane itself increased.

He has since retired from the Air Force and our youngest children have not had (or remember) the experience of being on the C-130.  So when they would hear Daddy talk about his service on that aircraft and asked him questions, I began to see an opportunity to bring the C-130 to life for them.  As a writer, I am always filled with ideas, but this one stayed with me.  Thus began my journey into introducing my children and others to this amazing aircraft.

I so much enjoyed the whole process of getting This Is The C-130 Hercules published, that I soon began to look at other military aircraft.  How cool it was to learn about the different transport planes!  This prompted the creation of This Is The C-17 Globemaster and This Is The C-5 Galaxy.  Similar planes in duties, but each with their own unique characteristics.

Now I am hooked on sharing these aircraft with children.  But why stop at transport planes when there are so many other great aircraft utilized by the military?

These Are Military Aircraft is different from the first three books that I wrote because it is really just a pictorial categorizing and introducing children to different types of military aircraft.  It is a prequel to the other books in the series which go into more detail about the history and functionality of each aircraft.

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Military Aircraft Series by Loraine D. Nunley

This is the C-130 Hercules Book Cover Image

This Is The C-130 Hercules

Back of the Book:

The C-130 Hercules aircraft is one of the most versatile and well-respected transport planes in the Western world.  While its usage has been largely military, its long-standing design has made it the perfect choice for many kinds of tasks, both in the military and civilian worlds.  While this book is intended to introduce children to this wonderful aircraft, adults may also find themselves eager to learn more about this cherished workhorse.

C17 Book Cover Image

This Is The C-17 Globemaster III

Back of the Book:

The C-17 Globemaster III aircraft is world renowned as a versatile and respected military transport plane.  Its technological advances and capabilities has earned it awards and honors among the military community.  While its primary usage is military, its versatility makes it useful in other capacities as well.  This book is intended to introduce children to this award winning aircraft, but adults may also find themselves eager to learn more about this mighty workhorse.

C5 BookCoverImage

This Is The C-5 Galaxy

Back of the Book:

The C-5 Galaxy aircraft is one of the largest aircraft in the world and the largest military transport plane in the United States inventory. Its carrying capabilities, loading/off-loading efficiency, and performance make it an important part of the military airlift fleet. Setting world aviation records, this aircraft is considered the only true strategic airlifter of the U.S. Air Force. This book is intended to introduce children to this special aircraft, but may prove to win over the hearts of adults as well.


These Are Military Aircraft

Back of the Book:

Almost from the beginning of flight, aircraft have been an important part of the military. There are many different types of aircraft in the military inventory with unique purposes and, in many cases, serving multiple purposes. In the pages of this book, children will learn about airplanes and helicopters used for jobs such as transporting and battlefield support. The striking photographs of military aircraft in this book introduce children to the many different types of aircraft that the military is using.



  Military Aircraft Series 002

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Military Aircraft

  1. I left active duty and joined the Alaska Air National Guard. For a time, I lived with my cousin, Kelly, who was a C-130 loadmaster at Elmendorf. I met my husband, a C-130 pilot, at a squadron function that I attended with Kelly.
    12 years, 8 deployments, and 3 moves later we’ve made the move from active duty to the Arkansas ANG.
    The Herk holds a special place in our hearts! We’ve actually named our farm Airlift Acres in it’s honor. 🙂


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