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Giveaway at Loraine Nunley's website: Three book birthday giveaway!!

This week’s book giveaway is for three books!  I am a fan of both historical and romantic suspense so I will be giving away two books from those genres:  The Real Enemy by Kathy Herman and Look to the East by Maureen Lang.  Since my birthday is this week (St. Patrick’s Day), I will also be adding my book, 40 Birthday Celebration Ideas, as well.

My mom was a big believer in making birthdays special.  We didn’t have much money when I was growing up, but I remember my birthdays fondly, particularly my mom’s off-key singing of “Happy Birthday”.  She’s been with Jesus for many years now, but I will watch our home movies of the last birthday she spent with me just so I can hear her sing it again.  I am also privileged to have my husband and children make sure that I will be adding more wonderful birthday memories.

What about you?  Do you have a special birthday memory that you can share with us?


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The comment requirement for this giveaway is: What is your favorite birthday memory?

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40 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday Book Giveaway!!

  1. The year my dad brought home a bakery cake in pink with a ballerina on top! Sure, eventually I realized mom ordered it but what a neat surprise when dad carried it in 😉

  2. When my 2 daughters planned a surprise 40th birthday party for me, inviting friends and co-workers, at one of my favorite restaurants. I was completely surprised and very touched they did this for their mom!

  3. Since my birthday is nearly always on the first day of spring (20th) I’ve always loved this season best. A favorite was my 10th birthday & my mother made a peppermint cake & had peppermint ice cream since that was my favorite then. Looking back, it is such a sweet and innocent age. There were several friends and relatives and I wore my ballet slippers when my picture was taken. I looked so happy!

  4. I was given what was supposed to be a surprise 70th birthday party at a local restaurant. It was very nice with a variety of friends from my past as well as a surprise visit from my daughter and her family who live out of state!

    1. I love that Joan! One of my daughters lives out of state so a surprise visit from her would totally make my birthday.

  5. My best birthday was my 50th when my daughter announced she was pregnant w/ our first grandchild!

  6. Happy early Birthday!

    I remember growing up, we don’t have birthday parties because it costs too much and our place was small. But one year, my mom invited all our friends and family to wish me a happy birthday along with cake and all. My first year with birthday presents besides from my parents.

    1. Thanks Annie! I love that your mom made your birthday special even when you didn’t have much. My mom was like that.

  7. My birthday is in July so during the summer we would go up to maine for 2 months that was the only time I could really be a kid.

  8. My favorite birthday memory is when I was about 7 years old and I shared a birthday with a friend of mine. Mom set up the party but disappeared. Then I saw her coming towards the house with two windbreakers and two hoola hoops. They were bright yellow and bright green matching windbreaker to hoola hoop each for me and my friend. I loved hoola hoops and living in New York, the windbreakers came in handy. LOL

  9. Thank you for Celebrating Your Birthday with us. I hope that The Luck of The Irish Bless Your Day!

  10. My birthday is so close to Christmas that it tends to fall by the wayside. The last party I remember was my sweet 16, many years ago. Thank you for the chance to win an early gift.

    1. You’re welcome Lucy. My mom’s birthday was the day after Christmas and my husband’s falls on Thanksgiving some years so it is always a challenge for me to make sure that their birthdays were celebrated separately.

  11. I have so many great birthday memories. One that is special to me is the year I turned 13. My mom made a beautiful layer cake and surrounded it with real roses from our yard. It was beautiful. I always remember how she made the effort to make life special.

  12. I had never had a surprise birthday party until my 16th birthday when my mom surprised me greatly with one. I had NO clue. It was fantastic.

  13. I don’t have a favorite one but the one I remember most, was when I turned 30. I awoke on my b-day, in a hospital bed & doctors saying I may not make it. Well God is good, 8 years later I enjoy waking up each day with my family. I am Blessed!

    1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Wenona. That is not a great way to celebrate a birthday, but I am sooo glad that you made it through. You are right. God is VERY good!

    1. Thanks so much Caryl. All of these wonderful comments are already blessing me. I hope they will bless others as well!

      1. Loraine, I just remembered that several years ago a lades group that I was in surprised me with gifts for my birthday. They said the Lord told them to do that for me. I was so blessed.

  14. I enjoy every birthday because my family gathers in! I remember all of them fondly. 🙂

  15. My 16th. My friends threw a surprise party for me! It was very special.

  16. My sister always takes me and my twin sister out to a restaurant that we pick on our birthday. She also had a surprise party for our 40th at her house. Of course she had a lot of over the hill decorations.

    1. You sister sounds awesome Donna! Our family has a tradition of having a special dinner for the birthday person. Either at their choice of restaurant or their choice of a cooked meal.

  17. My oldest daughter took my on a 4 day mystery trip last year–I had NEVER seen the ocean–she took me to Ft Walton Beach, FL, where one of my sisters had recently located to (fr Minnesota!) and then my youngest son paid for a helicopter ride over Destin Beach, for an early Mother’s Day gift! (1st time in GA, AL, & FL!)

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