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Today is the beginning of my Love Inspired Historical Giveaway Bonanza!  For the next two weeks, I will be having giveaways for multiple packs of books, including three series giveaways.  Those of you who have read my previous posts know that I like series books.

Love Inspired Historical Book Giveaway #1

I have always had trouble relating to arranged marriages or the idea of marrying for practicality rather than for love. That is not to say that I do not enjoy reading those stories, I just find myself a little removed because I live in a time where women are free to marry for love. They are even free not to marry at all!

I am thankful that I have options available to me. It is those options that make me relate to the strong women who paved the way. How difficult it must have been to be a strong woman in a time-frame where women were viewed as less than men and sometimes as property.

Can you imagine how strange that must have been to marry a man you didn’t know or love?

Love Inspired Historical Book Giveaway #1

The Husband Hunt by Karen Kirst

Back of the book: Sophie Tanner gave up hoping for Nathan O’Malley’s approval – and love – long ago. Getting married is the only way to protect her younger brother and keep her family’s Smoky Mountain farm. As much as she’d like Nathan to be the groom, he can’t seem to get past their friendship… or their differences.

Since they were children, Nathan has known Sophie was too impulsive, too headstrong. She’s forever rushing into situations without thinking them through, like this scheme to snare a husband in under a month. Nathan always thought he’d fall in love with someone like himself – sensible, cautious, levelheaded. Sophie is his polar opposite. so why can’t he picture anyone else at his side?

Karen Kirst, Author

Yukon Wedding by Allie Pleiter

Back of the book: A gold-rush town is no place for a single mother. But widow Lana Bristow won’t abandon the only home her son has ever known. She’ll fight to remain in Treasure Creek, Alaska – even if it means wedding Mack Tanner, the man she blames for her husband’s death.

Mack sees marriage as his duty, the only way to protect his former business partner’s family. Yet what starts as an obligation changes as his spoiled socialite bride proves to be a woman of strength and grace. A woman who shows Mack the only treasure he needs is her heart.

Allie Pleiter, Author

The Preacher’s Bride by Laurie Kingery

Back of the book: When her little brother died, Faith Bennett lost her trust in God. She’s kept this secret from the good people of Simpson Creek, yet she can’t deceive Gil Chadwick. She’ll be Gil’s friend but without a faith to match his, she can never be the handsome new preacher’s bride.

Though Gil cherishes Faith’s friendship, he wants a wife,. And in kind, upright Faith, he’s convinced he’s found her. The secret heartaches of his past fade as he watches her nurse his father. When danger finds her, he’ll risk everything to save her. For where there’s Faith, there’s love … and the promise of a new beginning together.

Laurie Kingery, Author


Love Inspired Historical Book Giveaway #1

The first giveaway I am having is for three Love Inspired Historical books: The Husband Hunt by Karen Kirst, Yukon Wedding by Allie Pleiter, and The Preacher’s Bride by Laurie Kingery. They are gently read copies in very good condition. To enter the giveaway, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Open to readers with USA mailing addresses only.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.  The winner will be notified via email and will have one week to respond back to me with their info.  Good Luck and Thank You for stopping by!

The comment question for this giveaway is:  What interests you about marriage in early American history?
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5 thoughts on “Love Inspired Historical Fun #1

  1. Looking forward to reading this summer. Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. People had to be determined to make their marriage work which is good! There were so many young widows or widowers with young children. With no daycares around, remarriage was a necessity.

  3. Hi Loraine! (waves) 🙂

    I’ve always been fascinated by marriage-of-convenience stories. My romance-writer’s heart wonders how many of them found a way to truly care about each other. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  4. I think I like reading about them because so many marriages of this time period were based on convenience & not on emotion. They really did have to make a choice to make it work, something that is lacking a lot in marriages today.

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