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"O" is for Obedience - ABCs of Remarriage |

“O” is for Obedience

Our God is a loving God.

Our God is also a God of justice and holiness.

Many unbelievers (and some believers) want to put God into this little box where He is only loving.  That is a disservice to our God and also to our faith in Him.  It is also one of the many things that makes our God (Capital G) better than anyone else’s gods (little g).  Being as big as He is, there are things that are particularly important to Him.

Obedience is a big deal to God.

Can we be saved without it?  Sure, although the act of being saved has already required our obedience anyway.  But we are saved by His grace and not by our works so obedience is not necessary to being saved.  Having said that, it is quite difficult to lead a good Christian life and have a good relationship with God if we are not obedient.  God promises many blessings to those who are obedient to Him.  The Bible is filled with those promises.

If you look at the concept of obedience from the perspective of a parent to a child, God (like any parent) expects obedience from His children.  Why?  Usually for our own good.  Example:  When you tell your child not to touch a flame, it is because it will hurt the child.  You, as parent, expect the child to obey you when you say, “Do not touch that flame.”  You are trying to protect your child even though your child doesn’t understand why.  God is the same way with us.  He expects our obedience so that we do not get hurt.  Now, let’s say you have two children: one is always disobeying you and getting into trouble or hurt and the other rarely disobeys and strives to be obedient.  Do you love either of them less?  No, but you do have a tendency to “bless” the obedient one more.  God does the same.  He rewards our obedience by blessing us.  So it is to our advantage to be obedient so that we can reap all the benefits of the promised blessings.

What does this have to do with marriage? Obedience to God fills our entire life, including our marriages. We obey God’s teachings in our marriages and He will bless them.

-Loraine Nunley

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