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Thank you for your service.

Recently, our family attending an event filled with people of all ages. My dad was with us. He was wearing a vest with a badge that identified him as a Marine vet.

I don’t give much thought to it since I always see him wearing it. On this day, two different people saw the badge and thanked him for his service.

I think his chest might have puffed out a bit. I know mine did.

Thank you for your service.

You can’t always tell who is a veteran. My husband was also with us and he is an Air Force/Navy vet, but he wasn’t wearing anything that gave any indication of it.

I am thankful for those men and women (including my own family) who feel it is important to defend us – our country – our freedoms. There are not enough opportunities to express our gratitude to them for all that they have done in service to our country.

So as a reminder, this week (November 11th) is Veteran’s Day. Take the opportunity to thank the vets. Buy a vet a cup of coffee. Shake their hand. Post a thank you on social media. Hug your personal veteran.

Thank a veteran for their service.

-Loraine Nunley

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