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The importance of showing affection in your marriage |

My husband and I love to embarrass our children with our “mushiness”.  Just the other day, a romantic song was playing and we stepped into each other’s arms for a lovely spontaneous dance.  The groans and “eeeewwww” comments from our peanut gallery could be heard far and wide.

We caused a major calamity with our spur of the moment dance.  Some covered their eyes from the “horror”.  Some were offended enough to leave the room.  Others – well, let’s just say that it is amazing how far the human eye can roll back in its socket while the human is still alive. 😉

Now we would like to think that for all of the moaning and groaning that comes out of our children when we get “mushy”, deep down (sometimes, waaaayyy deep down), they are happy (or at least secure in the knowledge) that their parents love each other.  If that is the case, then great.  But if that is not the case, why do it at all?  Well, embarrassing our children has some reward to it, but ultimately our spontaneous displays of affection really build our relationship with each other.  What a rush it is to feel special to your spouse.  Not just to know that you are special to each other, but to feel it as well.

Don’t let what others (including your own children) think or say discourage you from showing those spontaneous displays of affection.  When everything is said and done… at the end of it all… you are just left with the two of you. You never want to have regret that your marriage wasn’t worth some rolling eyes.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Showing Affection in your Marriage

  1. absolutely. these kiddos grow up with the knowledge that there is security among the family. they learn what a good marriage partly consists of. and our one that is married now, has taken a lot of what he has seen and learned from us and uses it in his own marriage. I know our daughter in law is grateful

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