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The Turkey (Random Poetry)


The horse was looking out on the range.
When his eyes came upon something strange.

The turkey, who all year long,
Would strut his stuff and sing a song.

Now he sat in apparent despair
The horse wondered what was going on there.

He ambled over to where the turkey sat,
Hoping to get to the matter in no time flat.

“What troubles you, my feathered friend?
You are acting like the world’s at an end.”

Tears came from the turkey’s eyes.
Dramatic heaves and heartfelt sighs.

“I cannot bear this time of year,
With hungry thoughts and endless cheer.

The farm will soon be without it’s king,
No more will you all have a song to sing.

The barnyard will miss my presence so,
It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, you know.”

by Loraine D. Nunley

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