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Today I am unboxing my recent haul from Baker Book House. This is a great website to find deals on Christian books and other products. I was able to find some good bargains and I am going to share that here with you. All of these were clearance books for $5/each.

Incidentally, if you are interested in checking out book box subscriptions, you can check out these posts. I also post my unboxings on my YouTube channel.


The books arrived only a few days after I place my order in a large (and heavy) box.

The first book in the box was Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon (contemporary romance).

The second book in the box was A Chance at Forever by Melissa Jagears (historical romance).

The third book in the box was An Elegant Façade by Kristi Ann Hunter (historical romance).

The fourth book in the box was A Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna M White (historical romance).

The fifth book in the box was The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden (historical romance).

The sixth book in the box was In Times Gone By by Tracie Peterson (historical romance).

The seventh book in the box was In Dreams Forgotten by Tracie Peterson (historical romance).

The eighth book in the box was What Hope Remembers by Johnnie Alexander (contemporary romance).

The ninth book in the box was Starfish Pier by Irene Hannon (contemporary romance).

Here is everything I received in the box.

Check out the unboxing video on YouTube!

Overall Opinion

I discovered Baker Book House on a trip to Grand Rapids when I lived in Michigan. I had forgotten about the deals that can be had there until I went browsing after putting Jaime Jo Wright’s upcoming pre-release into my cart. Then I got myself in trouble perusing the clearance section of their website. They had such great deals and I managed to complete some of the series that I needed. All of them were in used condition and I was pleasantly surprised at how good their ‘used’ conditions were. I paid $5 for each book, but there were some even cheaper than that. I will definitely be checking them out from time to time when I have a little money in my pocket. 🙂

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