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Guess what? I found another book subscription box to try.

This is my first month with a new box subscription: Coffee and a Classic. The box that I subscribed to is the monthly starter classic box which includes a book, drink, bookmark, and two bookish items. They also have a standard classic box which includes everything in the starter box plus a snack, mug, and is packaged in a photo box.

What did I get in my box this month? I am going to share the contents with you here. My review is not for the book or the items I received because I haven’t read/used them yet, but instead will be for the content and subscription experience.


The box arrived in good shape and I like that it was clearly labeled so I knew what it was right away.

On the very top of everything was a postcard listing what items I would find in the box.

The first item in the box was a packet of dark roast coffee. There are three drink options to choose from: coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

The second item in the box was a key chain with a ‘key’ to Sherlock’s address at 221B Baker Street.

The third item in the box was a fabric bookmark with two Sherlock charms.

The fourth item in the box was a soy candle.

The fifth item in the box was a bonded leather copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. There are two options to choose from: Adult Classic or Children’s Classic.

Here is everything that was in the box.

Check out the unboxing video on YouTube!


What I liked:

  • You can get a sneak peak of the classic book choices before the box ships out.
  • You can choose from three different drink options.
  • All of the items related to the book choice.
  • The book I received was a bonded leather copy.
  • The fragrance of the soy candle was nice and understated.
  • The price included the shipping cost.
  • Everything was packaged well.

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing. I loved this box.

Overall Opinion

Even though I knew what book I was getting and that I was getting coffee (since those were my choices when I subscribed), I still found opening this box to be a fun experience. I loved all of the items (especially the book) and that they related to the book.

This subscription service is $41.99 and includes shipping. There wasn’t any retail amounts but from my brief research, I know that what I received was definitely worth what I paid.

-Loraine Nunley

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I have found some wonderful boxes. My YouTube channel is full of video unboxing’s if you are interested. I also share my unboxing’s on my sister website for those boxes that are not books.

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