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Truly Yours is the book subscription service from Barbour Publishing. Since they are a Christian book publisher, they provide inspirational fiction books. You receive one new release book every four to six weeks. Here’s some further information on their service.

This is the fifth shipment I have received. I’ll share the contents with you here. My review is not for the book I received because I haven’t read it yet, but instead will be for the content and subscription experience.


These shipments arrive in padded envelopes. This one arrived in good shape.

The book I received was ‘Dead Silence’ by Robin Caroll (Suspense). Here is what the book is about:

“Elise Carmichael is a court sign language interpreter who reads lips, all the time. As a widow with a young, deaf son, lip reading is simply second nature, until the day she reads the lips of someone on the phone discussing an attempt to be made on the life of Lilliana York–a senator who just happens to be her mother-in-law.
Before Elise can decide what to do, she gets a call that her son is being rushed to the ER and she must leave. Then later she sees the news report that her mother-in-law has been shot and killed. But when she comes forward, her life, as well as her son’s life, may now be in the crosshairs of the assassin.”


I like this subscription service. There is a post card with every shipment that tells you what you may expect in the upcoming months shipment. I did know ahead of time about this book being in this shipment, but last month I was actually surprised by the selection I received because it was not the book that was on the previous month’s postcard. Either way I am guaranteed a Christian fiction book and I have not been disappointed with the selections I’ve received.

The cost of this service is $9.97/month plus tax and free shipping. For a brand new book, this is a good price.

I will continue the subscription next month.

-Loraine Nunley

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