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Thank you for your service.

As many of my readers know, I am a supporter of our military. And if you didn’t know, well just look at the books I’ve written.

Military Aircraft series for children by Loraine D. NunleyShameless Plug 🙂

There are many things that we can disagree on with regard to our military – its size, its purpose, its gender, its spending, etc. But I hope that we can all agree that no matter what our position on the military, our service people should be appreciated.

I am so very thankful for those men and women who feel it is important to defend us – our country and our freedom. This Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to express our gratitude to them for all that they have done in service to our country.

Thank you for your service.

So please, take some time to thank the vets. Buy a vet a cup of coffee.  Shake their hand.  Post a thank you on social media.  Hug your personal veteran.

Thank a veteran for their service. Nunley



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