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"Y" is for You - ABC's of Remarriage @lorainenunley

“Y” is for You

What do you have in limited resource but can give a lot of?

What doesn’t cost anything, but can cost dearly?

The answer is TIME.

Celebration of birthdays is a big thing in our household. One of the more memorable birthday celebrations was one where Time was the theme.  Each member of our family spent individual time with the birthday person.  The activities included things like having a meal together, playing miniature golf, ice skating, going to the movies and other things.  It was a busy day, but it left our birthday person feeling pretty special.

This got me to thinking about time and how we use it.  Every one of us is granted only so much time.  There are only 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year.  Not only is our time limited in its counting but also limited by the amount of time we spend here on earth as God deems it.  Ecclesiastes tells us that there are times for everything – a season for every activity.  The Bible also tells us that we do not know the amount of time that God will give us here on earth.

So time is an important commodity.

This begs the question – How are we choosing to use our time?  The best way that we can spend our time is by giving it to others.  If you want to build up your treasures in heaven, then giving your time to God will need to be a priority.  If you want to build up your marriage, then giving time to your spouse will be the priority.  Even spending time on yourself can be giving your time to others.  The stressed out husband or frustrated wife can benefit their families by taking time to themselves to relax, de-stress and recharge their batteries.  How will you choose to spend your time today?

-Loraine Nunley

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