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Today begins a new series of blog posts dedicated to tips on having a successful remarriage. Even if you are not remarried (or married at all), please take some time to explore these posts because I believe that there will be tips that will apply to marriage and relationships in general.

"A" is for Availability - ABC's of remarriage |

“A” is for Availability

It is important in a good relationship to be available to each other.

Does that mean being in each other’s “hip pockets” every single minute of the day? Of course not. You do not have to be physically present to be available, but you do have to make the effort to be there for your spouse in the ways that they need you.  That can be physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  The question is, “how does your spouse need you at this point in time?”  Sometimes they will tell you.  Maybe they will call you with a request for prayer because they are meeting with the boss this afternoon.  Perhaps they need an encouraging word via text because they are having a rough day.  What about a quick hug or hand squeeze?

It isn’t very difficult to determine how to be there for your spouse if you have made it a point to study them.  When you know your spouse well, you have an advantage.  What if you are unsure as to how you can best be there for your spouse? Ask them.  It’s okay to come right out and ask. “What can I do for you right now?” You can also ask God to show you.  When you ask God to show you how to be there for your spouse, don’t be surprised when He begins to do just that.  In fact, you may find God giving you lots of opportunities to be available. 🙂

How can you be available?

  • Listen – What is your spouse saying? How can you meet a need for them today?
  • Watch – What is your spouse speaking through their body language?
  • Learn – What are your spouse’s hot buttons or their cool buttons?
  • Speak – What can you say to be encouraging, loving, or attentive?
  • Do – What can you do to be there for your spouse?

-Loraine Nunley

What things have you done recently to be available to your spouse? Tell us in the comments.


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