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Love's Fortune by Laura Frantz Review by Loraine Nunley

Love’s Fortune by Laura Frantz

Book Review

Synopsis from the back of the book:

Sheltered since birth at her Kentucky home, Rowena “Wren” Ballantyne has heard only whispered rumors of her grandfather Silas’s vast fortune and grand manor in Pennsylvania. When her father receives a rare letter summoning him to New Hope, Wren makes the journey with him and quickly finds herself in a whole new world — family members she’s never met, dances she’s never learned, and a new side to the father she thought she knew.

As she struggles to fit in during their extended stay, she finds a friend in James Sackett, the most valued steamship pilot of the Ballantynes’ shipping line. Even with his help, Wren feels she may never be comfortable in high society. Will she go her own way… to her peril?

My review:

Wren and James’ story was a good read. Wren is a fish out of water in the high society of Pennsylvania and one of the famous Ballantyne’s. James Sackett was taken under the family’s wings and his relationship with them is what puts him in the position of helping Wren navigate her way through all of the responsibilities that are thrust upon her. I really enjoyed revisiting the Ballantyne family. Silas and Eden (from the first book in the series) are back but now they are grandparents and facing their own mortality. This was a good family legacy story.

I enjoyed Wren’s compassionate personality. Along with her obvious talent and love for music, I also liked her innocence and her determination to do what was right even as she struggled with learning how she must behave as a Ballantyne.

James Sackett is an orphan who grows up in the children’s home that Wren’s grandmother, Eden runs. Silas takes James under his wings and grooms him for piloting his steamship line. Since James feels that he is not worthy of Wren, he holds her at arm’s length even though he is obviously taken with her. His honor was quite appealing to me.

I also liked the secondary storyline with Ellie and Jack’s (from the second book in the series) daughter Izannah (what an unusual name) and Malachi Cameron.

What I enjoyed most about this book:

The intermixing of the storylines between Wren, Izannah, James and Malachi. I was rooting for love to win in the end and it did!

What I didn’t like about this book:

I felt like the ends of the storylines were tied up too quickly. I was looking for a little more out of the storyline at the end particularly for Izannah.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes. As with the other two books in the series, the author is a good story teller. This book is a standalone book, but I would highly recommend reading the series in order to see how the family develops. This book did give me a nice ending for the family.

Where can I learn more about this author and their books?

Laura Frantz, Author Website

Note:  I received this book in a book giveaway.  My opinions are my own.

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