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"D" is for the 'D' Word - ABCs of Remarriage |

“D” is for the ‘D’ Word

I once saw a poster in the store that had a quote with the line in it “Watch your thoughts, they become your words.  Watch your words, they become your actions…”  That is a very true statement.  We have the capability to be impulsive in our behavior, but most of us can maintain varying levels of self control.  If we are not thinking on something, there is less opportunity for it to become our words and subsequently our actions.

So let’s talk about the dreaded “D” word – Divorce.  Remarriage occurs because the word divorce went from a thought (We should get divorced) to a word (“I want a divorce.”) to an action (Your divorce is final).  What would have happened if the “D” word was considered as offensive and forbidden as a swear word?  In our remarriage, we have the opportunity to reset the way that we think about the “D” word.  From now on, that word is only to be used when we need to be factual about having done it in the past.  From now on, we must determine that the “D” word cannot be entertained in any of our thoughts or our words so that it can never be an action.

How do we keep that dreaded word from becoming an action?

Here’s the replacement for the “D” word – DON’T.  Some people think that it is amusing to joke about it.  DON’T.  Some people think they can use it to give them more power in the relationship.  DON’T.  Some people think that it’s just a word that doesn’t mean anything.  But it does.  If you want to be successful in your marriage, DON’T use it.

– Loraine Nunley

What words can you replace the “D” word with to build up your marriage? Tell us in the comments.


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