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The importance of dreams in your marriage |

What are we without our dreams?

Dreams give us hope.  Dreams drive our ambitions.  Dreams fuel our creativity.

Without dreams there would be no advances in technology, no advances in society or the human race as a whole.  It is our dreams that make us stronger, more vulnerable, more emotional, and more driven.  Our dreams speak to us.  They give us ideas, plans, reminders and warnings.  God even speaks through dreams sometimes.  There are many references in the Bible of dreams being used by God.  So dreams play a productive role in our lives.

Dreams can play a productive role in our marriages as well.  Just like you have individual dreams that give you hope and drive you to have a better life, shared dreams can give your marriage hope and drive you to have a better marriage.  The great part about dreams is that they are not etched in stone, they are fluid.  They can change.  What we dreamed together when we first got married can change as our marriage grows.  Some dreams come to fruition.  Some dreams fade away as new dreams take their place.  Dreaming together gives our marriage a common goal.  It helps our communication.  It brings us closer together because we are sharing with each other.

Dream big (some day we are going to live in a mansion) and dream small (some day we are going to get a full night’s sleep together).  Dream for the possible (when we retire, we are going to travel the world) and dream for the impossible (we will be crowned king and queen of our own country).  Enjoy your time dreaming together.

What are your marriage dreams? Do you and your spouse spend time dreaming together?

-Loraine Nunley

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