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This Is The CH-47 Chinook by Loraine D. Nunley

Back of the book:  The CH-47 Chinook aircraft is one of the most reliable and efficient transport helicopters in the world. Its ability to fly fast and transport heavy loads in many different climates and wind conditions make it an invaluable part of the military transport fleet.

This book is intended to introduce children to this important helicopter through striking photographs. Adults may also find themselves fascinated by the remarkable capabilities of this machine.

About this book:  This is the fifth book in my children’s military aircraft series.  Each aircraft that I have highlighted have been fascinating to learn about.  They are all true testaments to mankind’s ingenuity.  With each aircraft, I learn more about the wonders of aviation and I continue to be impressed by the men and women who design, fly, and work on these machines.  My husband is a retired USAF Loadmaster who served on the C-130 Hercules.  I have enjoyed sharing these aircraft with children and this book is highlighting another unique aircraft – the C-47 Chinook.  It is my hope that children reading this book will become inspired to design, build, work on, and even fly these amazing helicopters

Where can I get this book:  This book is available at in paperback form (click on the link below): This Is The CH-47 Chinook




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