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"Z" is for Zzzz's - ABC's of Remarriage @lorainenunley

“Z” is for Zzzz’s

Be alert.  Don’t fall asleep at the wheel!

One thing that I have learned from my remarriage, and stories from many others, is that remarried couples have enemies.

We have people around us that actually want us to fail.  Whether it’s our “step” children, ex-spouses, well-meaning friends, other Christians, or sometimes even those closest to us, remarriages tend to have at least one person, if not many, that are rooting for its failure.  It can be extremely disheartening and discouraging to discover that people who should be rooting for your success are actually angry and upset by it.  Those same people, whether they have good intentions or bad ones, can be very damaging to your remarriage.  Especially if those people are close to you.  Even Jesus experienced people close to him rooting for his failure.

Your marriage is the most important relationship outside of the one you have with God.  It has to be protected.  Unfortunately, there will be times when you have to protect it from attacks.  Sometimes the attacks can take you completely off guard.  But remember that failure is not an option.  You and your spouse are a team and you need to stick together.  Don’t let anything come between you.

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.  Be diligent.

(Funny, I just realized that diligent is my word for the year 😮 )

Put God where He belongs – at the center of your marriage – and let Him handle the rest.  I’m making that sound simple, but I know it’s not.  It can be hard work and even seem like an impossible task at times, but it can be done.  My remarriage is testament to it. No matter how many people our marriage has against us, we have peace from supporting each other plus the knowledge that God has everything under control.  Every small victory we have strengthens our relationship.

Don’t fall asleep at the task of protecting your marriage.

-Loraine Nunley

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4 thoughts on ““Z” is for Zzzz’s

  1. It must be tough to feel attacks from other people regarding your marriage! I have not experienced that, but would certainly find it hard.

  2. We remind each other that we are a team. We work together during the good and the bad. Even if it is against or despite our children. Communication is key.

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